Mikors d.o.o. company has been present in the coffee market for more than fifteen years and ten years ago we introduced our superior Mikors chocolate which is surely a unique product on the Croatian market.
Beside our own retail stores, we are doing business with more than three thousand different business partners. Throughout the years we have constantly been developing and growing with the clear strategy and vision, introducing new products and technology in our production.
Coffee of high quality, as well as stability and quality of our business have gotten us a reputation of a solid business partner and brought us business cooperation with over hundred coffee roasters throughout Croatia.
We pack coffee for the use in households, espresso, decoffeinated coffee and instant coffee. Wishing to expand our Mikors assortment, we have introduced aromatized coffee, which is also available in mini packaging.
We wish the quality of our chocolate and chocolate products, primarily pralines, to be equal to the best and the most well known manufacturers in the field. Our chocolate is produced using the latest technology but by traditional recipes.
When tasting our products, we want you to feel the taste and flavor of the best European chocolates and to be able to buy them in ambiance of our pleasant caffeterias and chocolaterias.
Our chocolate is made to be enjoyed and our chocolaterias are meant to become places of many happy returns.
Croatian market has leaned toward quality. Mikors company regularly informs it about our new products using different promotional and marketing activities.